Girls Cheerleader Costume

When Halloween is on the horizon, we start to think costumes. Which one to get? Are we going to have a party? What theme will it be? What are we going to do for trick or treating? Family theme costumes, will we pick a theme for costumes for the family? Will it be a couples costume? So many questions.

If you are a couple, what better costume than cheerleaders. Always a lot of fun.

What about the family? Form your own cheerleaders, footballers, referees, the choice is yours for the taking.

We have selected the Girls Cheerleader Costume for you to browse here. Lots of fun costumes and like most costumes, as soon as you have it on, the costume puts you in the mood and before you know it, you are the costume, you will be the cheerleader of your choice and Halloween will be so much fun.

Cheerleader Costume USA for Adults
Cheerin’ in the USA Adult Costume—————————————————-
Cheerin’ in the USA Girls Cheerleader Costume- There are some people who look at this Halloween holiday season as a time for enjoyment and fun.They celebrate by putting on  costumes, trick or treating and enjoying Halloween parties.

For costumes for Halloween, what could be better than this Cheerin’ in the USA Costume.

This Girls Cheerleader Costume is just perfect for your next costume party, with the red, white and blue dress with pleated skirt and matching pom poms.

Shoes and leg warmers are not included.

The dress is available in adult sizes, small/medium and medium/large.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Costume It was the firm belief of the Celts that the souls of dead, wandered the villages and streets at night.As all the spirits were considered to be friendly and harmless, people tried to pacify them with gifts and treats so that the next year’s crops would be in abundant.

This custom later evolved into the trick-or-treating of Halloween.

What spirit could not be pacified by a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader?  Trick or treating will be so much fun when you appear in this girls cheerleader costume this Halloween.

Dressed in this costume of a metallic blue long sleeve halter top with an attached white and blue stars fringed vest, and a pair of white hot pants with a white and blue stars belt.

Yes, the stars at night are most definitely, big and bright and you will be the biggest, brightest  STAR in your Girls Cheerleader Costume!

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader CostumeThis is an officially licensed © Dallas Cowboys costume.

The boots and shakers are sold separately.

—————————————————-Go Green Cheerleader Costume

Cheerleader fun

Date: Jun 23, 2010

Impulse quick buy that I hoped would be as good as the picture. The price wasn’t to bad and the size chart was right on. I am only 5’3″ and with curves I worry. The outfit was more than a hit!

Go Green Cheerleader CostumeShow You Care! Go Green This Halloween!The history of Halloween dates back to the last day of the Celtic calendar, this date was October 31st and was originally known as “All Hallows Eve”.  That was more than 2000 years ago when the environment was much safer than today.

You can support the environment and “go green” this Halloween by choosing this Go Green Cheerleader costume.

The costume features dress with green and white v-neck, sleeveless top, “Go Green” and recycle symbol cameo, green pleated skirt with white and dark green trim, white leggings and white pompoms.

You will easily find your environmently friendly guy when you are dressed in the very sexy Go Green Girls Cheerleader Costume.

The costume includes the dress, leggings and pompoms and comes in womens sized of small, medium and large.

The shoes, hair bows and socks are not included.


Have You Got The Spartan Spirit?SNL Spartan Cheerleader Female Costume Halloween is one of those traditional holidays that is still celebrated today. It comes  second to Christmas in terms of popularity.

So what Halloween costume could be more fitting than one from a very popular tradition, cheerleading!
The costume we have selected here is the Spartan Cheerleader costume.

It comes complete with the top and skirt, both are in a lighter weight fabric.

The Spartan Cheerleader top looks like the real sweatshirt but is in a lighter weight fabric and has the logo imprinted.  The skirt is a very flattering pleated skirt.

There is also a male cheerleader Spartan costume which you can see here SNL Spartan Cheerleader Male Costume.  These costumes make  fantastic couples costumes.

This Spartan Cheerleader costume comes in a one size that fits up to a size 12 womens.  The socks, shoes and hair bows are not included.

This is an officially licensed SNL™ costume

SNL Spartan Cheerleader Female CostumeNice-N-Light

Date: Sep 20, 2009

This is a great costume. I bought the men’s one as well, and they both did the job. I was worried the material would be heavy and we would be hot, but not at all. The costume is light and airy and the skirt is a good length…not too short. This is not a top of the line costume, but you really don’t need anything more. The fit is good, the price is good, and you look and feel good in it. What more can you ask for?

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